Saturday, March 26, 2016

Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Review: A treat for lifelong fans, less for casual moviegoers

The Hit:
Well what can I say to those who have read other reviews that totally bashed this film? One thing in defense of those haters is that yes, the movie was long and dragged out. But if you are a DC fan and caught the little things throughout the movie you would not have been bored but intrigued at everything that was shown. If you don't know the basic back story to some characters or the Justice League timeline you will be confused. All those negative reviews are not familiar with the time line and therefore maybe wanted a story to slow down a lot more so they could understand. I am telling you this: go watch Batman vs. Superman, notice the little things and enjoy the ride.

Now a little about the film. All but the intro scene of Batman vs. Superman takes place roughly two years after Man of Steel and now the whole world knows the presence of Superman (Henry Cavill), including Batman (Ben Affleck). The premise is that Batman wants to be prepared if Superman goes rogue to stop him. Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) has a hand in setting both heroes against each other. Wonder Woman/Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) is not really seen through the movie very much but when the climax battle is going on, she comes in to help and does so in an ass-kicking fashion and is pure gold in showing that a woman can stand up with the men in a real fight. You get glimpses of other soon-to-be Justice League members but only little teases which I wish were longer. That alone got me excited for the next movie.

Henry Cavill as Superman is still great and Ben Affleck as Batman was not bad at all but for now I have placed him behind Christian Bale's Batman who is still number one in my book. The story is long but entertaining. Seeing Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in the end, fighting together is also a fulfilling moment. Go see Batman vs. Superman. Don't be scared of those negative reviews because they are wrong I promise you that. 

The Verdict:


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