Sunday, February 1, 2015

Project Almanac review: A surprise ride from an unknown cast

The Hit:
What happens when you attend an event or have a moment in your life where you make a mistake or say something you wish you could take back? Don't you think you could've or should've done the exact opposite in the situation? If you could go back in time for a couple hours, days, weeks or months would you do it and take that chance to make it better? Project Almanac does just that and turns into a wild ride. It's about a group of nerdy high schoolers who discover a time machine in the works of being finished. They complete it and decide to go for a test ride. They go back in time a couple of hours and soon find out that it works. In turn, each member of the group decides to go back to correct their mistakes either involving school and their grades, bullies, or correcting a simple mistake to score with the hot girl of the school. Everything works in their favor, but there's one catch: they all have to go back in time as a group.

When they break the rule, things get complicated and a series of incidents happen requiring them to go back to the beginning of it all and attempt to fix things. A friend who came along said it was going to suck but after the movie he couldn't stop talking about it and is hoping for a sequel. I always say that, just like books, you should never judge a movie by its trailer. Project Almanac was a perfect example of that and definitely worth seeing. If you liked the movie Chronicle and how it was different with an unknown cast, you'll have an idea what to expect. The cast was great. There were a few plot holes, but aside from that you'll be pulled in to the very end. I'm hoping for a sequel as well.

The Verdict:
Green light (Go see it)

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