Thursday, January 9, 2020

1917 Review: A War Movie that keeps you focused from Start to Finish!

The Hit:

If this was released worldwide back in December, it would have definitely cracked my Top 10.  

Cast: Dean-Charles Chapman, George Mackay, Colin Firth, Andrew Scott

Pros: Mentioned this to a couple of friends, War in and of itself is Hell. When depicting a movie regarding the subject, an R rating is detrimental to the success of that film, and I'm glad how it turned out. Saving Private Ryan is by far my most favorite War Movie and you know that opening scene is gruesome, but don't worry, we don't get anything that truly realistic here but rather really close. This movie is shot in a single continuous take, by that I mean the movie has no cut scenes or focuses on another character. Sure there are some scenes where it pans out to see the horrors of War but only very minor. That was a first for me, I've never seen a movie do that before and I'm intrigued to see more of that style. The story is simple, take a letter to another company who is walking into a trap. That's it. But seeing the journey of two soldiers do it is simple while you sip your drink and eat popcorn. They go through obstacles that would make anyone pucker up and fear death at every corner. We get a few star actors which I won't mention who, but it was cool seeing them at glances. 

Cons: Very minor slow drawn out scenes in the story. 

If you are into history or not, this is worth watching. It was beautifully shot and we don't get WW1 movies in general. 

Key Info: Rated R. Genres: Drama, War

The Verdict:


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