Friday, March 3, 2017

Logan Review: Might be the best X-Men movie to date

The Hit:

We all know that this will probably be the last time Hugh Jackman reprises his role as Logan (a.k.a the wolverine). Jackman has told us that he is done playing the character, so he wanted to make sure this film provided a great exit for the iconic character. Director James Mangold made that a reality and fulfilled Jackman's wishes; the film ended with a bang and maybe left a tear or two in the viewers' eyes.  

This was not your typical X-Men movie at all. It still had great action, but the focus was not on super powers. Like previous trailers have mentioned, most of the mutants have died off and the only ones that are left are Logan, Professor X (Patrick Stewart), and Caliban (Stephen Merchant). 

But one day while working his normal job, Logan meets this little girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) who by some chance has the same abilities as him. Professor X is ecstatic to find that other mutants have risen and urges Logan to help the girl and any others. But Logan wants nothing to do with her and the other mutants at first. He is known for being a hard person, but eventually he succumbs to helping people and doing the right thing. That's when the epic adventure begins.

We are introduced to a couple of new young mutants, and you will have to see for yourself what powers they posses. The baddies in this film are Pierce (Boyd Holbrook), Dr. Rice (Richard E. Grant), and X-24. And with Logan getting old these villains are quite hard to clash with. 

No spoilers, but this movie was a wild ride from start to finish. You get to see the hardships Logan has gone through just to survive this long. You see him taking care of Professor X and using every last ounce of his energy to help the young girl and other fellow mutants to safety. It was sad seeing it come to an end, but it was a fitting way to finally say goodbye to Hugh Jackman as the wolverine, trust me. This film doesn't hold back and is rated R for brutal violence, language, and brief nudity that lasts maybe 2 seconds at most. It was the right choice to go with this rating and fans out there will realize why. You'll walk out loving it and I urge you, fan or not, to go see this movie. It might just be the best X-men movie to date.  

The Verdict:

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