Sunday, September 4, 2016

Don't Breathe Review: a perfect thriller ride to end the summer

The Hit:

Don't Breathe is a wild, scary adventure and if you want your heart pounding, this is the flick for you. It reminded me of Disturbia but a whole lot more invested in horror and thriller aspects.

The actors; Stephen Lang played a really good blind man who is also not afraid to permanently mess up any intruders in his house. Jane Levy played Rocky, Dylan Minnette as Alex, and Daniel Zovatto as Money. Those three have been robbing peoples homes for pocket change and when they hear that this blind man is sitting on a lot of money they decide to make his house their next target. All three have their reasons for going along with it but their main objective is to leave the city they are currently in and start a better life somewhere else, so succeeding in getting this money is a must. 

Things go as planned but little do they realize this person (who happens to be an old war veteran) they are robbing is more than meets the eye and if they want to steal this money they are gonna have to knock him out or maybe even murder him. When the lights go, you can't breathe or make a sound or else the blind man with enhanced other senses will find you and you are done for.

Don't Breath is a film worth watching on the big screen so don't pass it up. There's also a crazy twist thrown in.  Three people versus a blind man, who will win? That's for you to find out in this suspenseful thriller of a ride.

The Verdict:


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