Sunday, July 31, 2016

Nerve Review: A so-so truth or dare extravaganza

The Hit: 

Nerve is a flick about dare and courage, but with a reward at the end if you complete the dare itself. The prizes get bigger and bigger up to the final round of 2.

In this story we follow Vee (Emma Roberts), a girl who has never done anything crazy in her life.She's the type of person who is just there and would never do anything out of the ordinary. But after her best friend Sydney (Emily Meade) points out these things, Vee decides to join this game of watcher or player. 

She starts out slow and has to kiss a stranger for 5 seconds. This stranger so happens to be another player called Ian (Dave Franco). Soon they both do crazy and life threatening stunts and eventually get to the top of the leader blocks. However, when it starts to get really dangerous, Vee wants out and the only two ways out are either to fail or bail a dare.

A third choice presents itself and Vee finds herself in the game for life until she wins it. The creators of this game have access to everything you own, from your social life to your financial belongings. After taking the third choice she gets a call from her mom, Nancy (Juliette Lewis), who tells her all of their money is gone and to get it all back she now has to win. So now it's up to Vee and Ian to win it all. There's just one catch: only one of them can take home the prize.

What I liked about Nerve is that it had a lot of creativity with what different dares they had each contestant try to do. The story at some parts was cheesy but still pretty fun. You follow a girl who was once really a nobody become someone that surprised her friends and even herself. It may not be a flick I recommend seeing urgently but makes a good date movie.

The Verdict:

YELLOW LIGHT (Proceed with Caution)

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