Sunday, June 5, 2016

Me Before You Review: Don't pass up this chick flick

The Hit:

I don't do chick flicks too often but since I love movies so much I should go more to explore all kinds of genres. In reality, what really pushed me to go see Me Before You was the lovely Emilia Clarke. Why do you ask? Well, because she is the Mother of Dragons on the hit popular TV series, Game of Thrones. Passing this movie up would have been a big mistake solely for that reason. I love the type of actress she is and how she can be a complete bad ass in GOT then a sweet, loving, and caring person in Me Before You. She is very talented and has a bright future.

Based on a book, Me Before you features Emilia Clarke as Lou Clark, a young woman with a smile always on her face and a positive outlook even when life is not so great, She is always on the cheery side with a dash of spunk. Lou is job searching and with help, becomes a caretaker for a recently paralyzed young man. Will Traynor, played by Sam Claflin (Finnick on the Hunger Games), had it all going for him and now pouts every day about his current condition.

At first when Lou tries to cheer Will up, he rejects her. Throughout the movie you see why Will is the way he is. Truly it would be terrible for anyone to depend on others for everything. People in real life who overcome this challenge have my respect. Not only does Lou shed light back into Will's dark soul, but a romance begins to brew as well.

Me Before You made me laugh and Lou was hilarious. Other than being chatty, her sense of style was ridiculous in a funny way. The ending was not what I suspected and those that do plan on seeing this, bring some tissues because you will need them. Don't miss out on Me Before You

The Verdict:

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