Monday, June 20, 2016

Central Intelligence Review: Dwayne Johnson steals the show

The Hit:

Central Intelligence revolves around Dwayne Johnson's character Bob Stone and Kevin Hart's, Calvin Joyner. Bob is a secret agent who would put Jason Bourne to shame and Calvin is an ordinary accountant looking for something more in his life. 

Both characters have a past with each other -- in high school, Bob was bulled and thrown into a gymnasium full of his fellow senior class butt naked and the only one that helped him was the senior standout in both sports and academics: Calvin. Bob has never forgotten that day and has come to meet up with Calvin for their 20 year high school reunion. But it's more than just a meet up, and ends up asking Calvin for a favor that will change his life for 24 hours. 

Calvin gets a taste of the dangers and thrills of a CIA agent and without really agreeing to being a part of it, gets pulled in. This time Kevin Hart (usually the comedic actor) has given Dwayne the reins of that position and is super serious in this role. He does have some comedic moments but because he's trying to escape other agents he's more hardcore than usual. Bob however is laid back and, as mentioned above, a go with the flow attitude but Calvin is not having it. 

Sure we've seen a lot of Kevin Hart movies lately and maybe some of you are getting tired of him but trust me when I say that Dwayne is the comical side in this movie and steals it. Central Intelligence reminded me of the movie Spy with Melissa McCarthy and if you enjoyed that movie you'll enjoy this one.  It has almost the same elements that made it pretty enjoyable. "Saving the world takes a little HART and a big JOHNSON". 

The Verdict:

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