Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Divergent Series Allegiant Review: Run-of-the-mill addition to the franchise

The Hit:

In this flick we continue from the past movie "Insurgent" in this young adult franchise. It picks up where Tris (Shailene Woodley) uncovers the secrets of this cube and finds out that there is another world out there outside the walls of a decimated future Chicago.

Four's (Theo James) mother, Evelyn (Naomi Watts) is now in charge and does not want Tris or anyone to venture out to see what is out there and plans to set new order in Chicago. She holds trials for those who were enemies of hers. Depending what they say she has them put to death. Some of the past leaders of the factions do not like this and create their own group, later to be known as Allegiant. Tris and company set out for help and answers outside the walls and discover a whole new world with technology far ahead from what they have back at home. Their leader David (Jeff Daniels) tells Tris she is a pure Divergent and that everyone else is damaged and to purify the rest of the world he needs her DNA to make everyone just like her. Things happen and eventually back at home, civil war is about to break out. While Tris is trying to understand David's ideals, she finds out what really is going on and makes it her mission to do what is right.

Allegiant was not all bad and quite entertaining. We see old faces and new faces added to this story and some made me laugh a few times and that was Miles Teller's character, Peter. We know he is a scumbag from the previous films but he is a cunning backstabber type that says what's on his mind, which is sometimes entertaining. Four and Tris's relationship is still the same and they both can kick ass at any moment. 

Even though some things were predictable, Allegiant still has a good story and action throughout. I haven't read the books so I do not know if it follows the story as well but I can say I like where it's going and with one more movie coming out to finish it off, I can't wait to see how it will all unfold. If you've kept up with the rest of the films go see this flick and if you are really not a fan then I'd suggest waiting until it is out to rent. This whole series is worth watching and Shailene Woodley is an actress with talent to see on the big or little screen. 

The Verdict:
YELLOW LIGHT (Proceed with Caution)

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