Sunday, December 13, 2015

In the Heart of the Sea Review: Fantastic acting, directing and effects all come together

The Hit:

What a ride from start to finish. In the Heart of the Sea was a flick I was about to not see but would have made a mistake if I had missed out on it. Some reviewers are saying the only good thing about the movie was the acting and not much else, but from what I saw everything was great, the story and design and everything you can think of. Don't be fooled by those saying this was not good.

Ron Howard known for Rush, Cinderella Man, the Davinci Code and many others brought Moby Dick, the White Whale to life. It's so massive it brings fear into the eyes of men foolish enough to attempt to kill it and take the oil from inside its hide. 

Chris Hemsworth plays first mate Owen Chase, a whaler who has had past successes in getting large amounts of oil but has not been able to be a captain of his own ship because of his last name. The captain of the ship is George Pollard (played by Benjamin Walker) and together with Chase and the crew, they set out to get 2000 barrels of whale oil. In the Heart of the Sea is told from the perspective of a boy named Thomas Nickerson (Tom Holland) who is now an old man. He wanted to be a great whaler and admires Owen Chase very much. He is actually going to be playing the next Spiderman in the Marvel series and from seeing him in this movie he will be amazing.

In addition to key characters, the entire cast does a great job acting. When you see them doing their job in securing and killing whales you get the idea of how crucial it is to get oil and the hardships involved in retrieving it. Failure was not an option if you wanted to make a name for yourself or money. 

In the Heart of the Sea is all about survival. As seen in the trailers, Moby Dick, the enormous whale damages the ship they voyaged on and now the crew fights just to get home alive. This movie was a thrill ride and the effects were extraordinary. I loved the story, the acting, and imagery. Chris Hemsworth who is mostly known for playing Thor has been rising to the top as a great actor and in this he soars again. You will not regret seeing In the Heart of the Sea.

The Verdict:
Green Light (Go See It)

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