Sunday, July 26, 2015

Southpaw review: An emotional ride you can't miss

The Hit:

Southpaw is a movie with bumps along the way and by bumps I mean serous emotional trauma. The premise is an undefeated boxer with the world in his hands until something goes horribly wrong.

Southpaw Boxer Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) and daughter Leila Hope (Oona Laurence) are a family held together by wife and mother Maureen Hope (Rachel McAdams). Sadly, a tragic event happens and Billy loses Maureen due to a situation that is partially Billy's fault.

 Billy spirals out of control and loses all sense of what to do because Maureen called the shots and he just fought. . With Maureen gone, Billy has to be a father and provider to Leila but has a tough time. His daughter is taken by child protection services and the only way to reunite himself with her is if he cleans himself up for a couple months and that's when Southpaw gets rolling even faster. 

Billy gets himself a day job while training at the same time to enter the ring again with gym owner and new coach Tick Wills (Forest Whitaker). Together with Tick, Billy changes his fighting style while dealing with his grief and learning to be a better father. 

Southpaw is an emotional roller coaster that breaks the mold of your typical fighting movie. It was great seeing a fighter lose it all and fight back to the top with the help of close friends and family. Jake Gyllenhaal did an awesome job playing Billy and Rachel McAdams is always a dime. Aside from an appear from 50 Cent as Billy's agent, Jordan Mains, another key actor who shined was Oona Laurence as Leila. Yes Southpaw is worth it and yes you will want to start a boxing gym after because it's just that good. You'll love it. 

The Verdict:
Green Light (Go see it)

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