Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Get Hard: Another vanilla Will Ferrell/Kevin Hart movie

The Hit:
Get Hard was a comedy about getting ready to go into prison. Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart team up as the rich millionaire who is charged with fraud that goes to a middle class "black guy  to get "tips" on how to survive prison. The twist is, Kevin Hart's character, Darnell, has never actually been in jail.

Will Ferrell's character, James, is pretty much a racial profiler and makes fun of a lot of races. I'm sure they weren't trying to hurt anyone with those sort of jokes, but I personally enjoyed them and laughed at jokes on my own race. 

Get Hard is about a millionaire down in the dumps, but with a little hard work, he gets it back and makes a new friend out of someone he never expected. We've seen this type of story before but not as much in comedies. Sure, some parts were cheesy and lame but others were pretty good. Get Hard is just another one of those Will Ferrell/Kevin Hart bread and butter type of movies and you know what to expect. A lot of other critics out there were saying it was really bad but I'm glad I gave it a chance. It was funny and not a bad idea for a Saturday night movie. If you don't see it in the theater, it would be a good rent.

The Verdict:
Yellow Light (Proceed with caution)

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