Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Equalizer: Hardcore action meets a fantastic plot

The Hit

I'd originally planned to see The Equalizer as soon as it came out, but ended up putting it off until a few people recommended I watch it ASAP. After watching, I'm telling you the same thing: this is a flick you won't want to miss.

Denzel Washington plays Robert McCall a worker at a hardware store. He has a stable job and a seemingly normal life but underneath it all he has a hidden dark side he's promised a special person he won't bring out. Something happens and he meets with Alina (Chloe Grace Moretz) at a local diner, a place Robert regularly goes to late at night to read books. Her job isn't so nice and normal and when she doesn't do as she's told, she gets made an example of. This leads to her ending up in a pretty bad predicament.

Robert can't sit and watch anymore and then the action begins to unfold. He is a man of justice and when others aren't there to help, he takes matters into his own hands. His hidden side comes out to kick some trash.

The Equalizer has one of the greatest actors of all time playing a kick ass character and if you liked any of the Bourne series you'll love it. You root for him scene to scene and at its climax you wish there was more and more. I was seriously in awe. There is action, violence, and language, but without it, The Equalizer wouldn't be such a massive hit. 

Unlike The Expendables, which is just action and not really any acting or plot, The Equalizer is a movie worth watching more than once. A great storyline fits a great cast. Take your bros and, even though it's not chick flick, take your significant other as well because I bet they will love it too! It's Denzel freaking Washington at his action best what more do I need to say?

The Verdict
  • SEE IT
  • Don't see it
  • Rent it 

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