Monday, October 27, 2014

John Wick: a no nonsense shoot 'em up thriller

The Hit

Who remembers Keanu Reeves? If you don't, he's the bad ass character from The Matrix series and he's back at it again in a action flick worth watching. This time, he plays a character names John Wick  a retired hit man they call the boogeyman.

John’s wife passes away from natural causes and he has a hard time recovering from her passing. Just when he’s about give up on life, he receives a dog  a last parting gift from his wife. Soon after, however, some thugs break into his house and kill the dog his wife left from him. The action unfolds when he finds out who the thugs are and goes after them.

John Wick isn't simply a pro at killing people, he just doesn't give a crap who he kills and how many times he shoots his gun. He brings fear into those that find out he's back while other hit men are excited he's back in business. Everyone in the underground and in the local police agencies know him and stay away. Rule number one is you don't screw around with John Wick. Rule number two: just relay back to rule number one. This time, however John’s only back at it for personal reasons and for a short time.

You'll enjoy this flick if you like action and guns and the mafia because it includes a lot of that. There is literally one scene where for 20 to 30 minutes, there is nothing but shooting and killing and if that's your style you'll enjoy it. The storyline doesn't wander and the acting is solid. 

The Verdict
  • SEE IT
  • Don't see it
  • Rent it 

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