Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fury: Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and cast carry a weak storyline

The Hit 

Brad Pitt does it again as U.S. staff sergeant Don "War Daddy" Collier commanding the Sherman Tank called Fury. It is April 1945 and that the Allies have entered Germany. The Nazis have reached a level of desperation and are making every man, woman, and child join the military.

Pitt's team consists of Boyd "Bible" Swan (Shia LaBeouf) who, as his name suggests, is a spiritual fellow. I wouldn't have expected him in the role but he was astounding. Trini "Gordo" Garcia (Michael Pena) plays a Mexican American and is the driver of the tank. Last but not least, Grady "Coon-Ass" Travis (Jon Bernthal, also Shane in the Walking Dead) is a crazy psycho whose job is to load and maintain the tank. 

The story begins when the fifth man, a rookie named Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman) replaces one of Fury's fallen soldiers. At first, Norman has a hard time dealing with the war. Fury leads its audience on a roller coaster of emotions and we learn that happy moments are fleeting in war. Our heroes are outgunned and out manned and have nothing left but each other and the beliefs they fight for.

Each character in Fury did a terrific job but the individual performances were drug down by a weak storyline. Their only objective is to conquer town after town in the heart of Germany. The language, blood and gore and raw emotion was very realistic and Fury does a great job showing that war isn't pretty. If you're a war junkie you'll enjoy this show, but if you're bothered by violence and realism you might want to pass.

The Verdict
  • SEE IT
  • Don't see it 
  • Rent it

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