Saturday, January 18, 2020

Bad Boys for Life Review: "We Ride Together, We Die Together. Bad Boys for Life" The Duo are back!

The Hit:

I think the title "Bad Boys for Life" would have worked better if it was for a fourth installment but it's alright I guess. If there is a potential fourth, then they missed an opportunity for "Bad Boys 4 Life". Aside from that, this movie is great.  

Cast: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Paola Nuñez, Kate del Castillo, Joe Pantoliano, Jacob Scipio, Alexander Ludwig, Vanessa Hudgens, Charles Melton 

Pros: I got those classic 90's movies vibe and entertainment. Michael Bay brought the first two movies to life and everyone knows how he does his movies, just entertaining shots, and explosions. This time around we get a new Director and added a little Bay Magic to honor the creator. But what made me choose this movie as my favorite out of the three is that it had a great story. Sure the original two had one yes, but this time around it really focused more on drawing the audience to each original and new character and also expanding the story in a sensical manner. If you are just in it for the entertainment, you'll get that but I loved the fleshed-out story way more. Seeing Will and Martin back together was such a treat and had so many laughs throughout, I missed seeing their chemistry. Although comedic, it has it's serious tones and some moments had me gasp and ask, "I can't believe they did that". New Characters helped balance the old-timers with this generation and that was funny seeing those interactions. 

Cons: There are a few action shots where it is not realistic and I and a friend both said, "Nah that wouldn't happen in real life". But we only got a few of those.

I ended up enjoying this movie and usually, January movies are meant for flicks that end up bombing at the box office. But its been so far so good with the ones I've seen lately. If you are a long time fan of this series you won't leave disappointed. 

Key Info: Rated R. Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime

The Verdict:

Thursday, January 9, 2020

1917 Review: A War Movie that keeps you focused from Start to Finish!

The Hit:

If this was released worldwide back in December, it would have definitely cracked my Top 10.  

Cast: Dean-Charles Chapman, George Mackay, Colin Firth, Andrew Scott

Pros: Mentioned this to a couple of friends, War in and of itself is Hell. When depicting a movie regarding the subject, an R rating is detrimental to the success of that film, and I'm glad how it turned out. Saving Private Ryan is by far my most favorite War Movie and you know that opening scene is gruesome, but don't worry, we don't get anything that truly realistic here but rather really close. This movie is shot in a single continuous take, by that I mean the movie has no cut scenes or focuses on another character. Sure there are some scenes where it pans out to see the horrors of War but only very minor. That was a first for me, I've never seen a movie do that before and I'm intrigued to see more of that style. The story is simple, take a letter to another company who is walking into a trap. That's it. But seeing the journey of two soldiers do it is simple while you sip your drink and eat popcorn. They go through obstacles that would make anyone pucker up and fear death at every corner. We get a few star actors which I won't mention who, but it was cool seeing them at glances. 

Cons: Very minor slow drawn out scenes in the story. 

If you are into history or not, this is worth watching. It was beautifully shot and we don't get WW1 movies in general. 

Key Info: Rated R. Genres: Drama, War

The Verdict:


Monday, December 30, 2019

Flick Hit's Top 10 Movies of 2019


1. Avengers: Endgame
How could this not be my number one? A culmination of 10 YEARS led to this huge finale. I don't believe anything after will have the same effect as this, but wow it wrapped up the infinity saga perfectly. 

2. Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood
Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie all in a Quentin Tarantino movie based on real events but with a happier ending. I walked out of the theatre, loving how it all unfolded. That final Scene was a jaw-dropper.

3. Ford v Ferrari
Matt and Christian's first time acting together was stellar and the battle between two big car company juggernauts in that era was exhilarating. 

4. Joker
A new twist to the famous DC Villian. You've heard the term from one of Batmans DC comics, "It takes one bad day to reduce the sanest man to lunacy". Well, this joker had A LOT of bad days, in the end, he kinda had a good excuse for his madness. 

5. Knives out
I love who done it movies and Rian Johnson and his cast knocked it out of the park. If you are a fan of the genre, don't skip out on watching this either on DVD or streaming service.

6. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum
I love Keanu Reeves, he is such a badass and this whole world he is a part of is gold for the fans of action and thriller. The use of weapons in cinema is 90% never realistic but they have approached each film to make it 100% real, and that's what I love. 

7. Godzilla: King of the Monsters
This was Monster vs Monster. Pure Action with a little story. The adrenaline was always on a high watching this, as it should have been for Godzilla. 

8. Dragon Ball Super: Broly
Seeing Goku and Vegeta battle it out against a new Saiyan, who is now FINALLY canon in the story on the big screen, made any dragon ball fans dream. I remember the release date and even though there wasn't anything else big coming out, this was number one in the U.S box office for that week and that brought a smile to my face. 

9. One Piece: Stampede
Dragon Ball used to always be my number one anime but upon discovering this a few years back, it has taken that spot. Seeing the majority of the characters from the story all in this, was similar to the Avengers and that made it very entertaining. I'm excited to see more anime movies on the big screen!

10. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
The big end of the Skywalker saga comes to a close. There has been lots of hate for this film but I enjoyed it more than the last Jedi and possibly more than Force Awakens. JJ did the best he could and I believe he did great! 

Honorable Mentions:
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home
  • Frozen II
  • Alita: Battle Angel
  • Jumanji: The Next Level
  • Shazam!
  • Pokémon Detective Pikachu


1. Avengers: Endgame 
Honestly a great film, sure it had its flaws, but the 10-year saga came to an end in epic fashion, and a fan could not have asked for more.

2. Joker 
This movie was fantastic displaying the way one with a mental illness spirals down into the person he eventually becomes. It touched very well on the mental health part as well as the coloring and the score was phenomenal.

3. The Highwaymen 
Although this was Netflix released, it was a great film all the way through. The cast had great chemistry with Woody and Kevin.

4. Once upon a Time... in Hollywood 
A great film by Quentin Tarantino, a little slow at first but that's what you get with him.

5. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum
Action-packed and a really good story being told, also the fact that Keanu Reeves does actual gunplay in this film makes it that much more entertaining as well as Halle Berry.

6. Jumanji: The Next Level
Very well done sequel without actually re-doing the first movie.

7. Shazam! 
I really enjoyed this film, DC was trying to copy marvel mixing humor with action and emotions, and it worked, now if they could do that with all the other movies it will work out for them.

8. Godzilla: King of the Monsters 
I genuinely enjoyed this flick although a lot of people hated it.

9. Spider-Man: Far From Home
Good movie taken place right after endgame, but we all knew what was gonna happen with tony out of the picture.

10. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Disappointing end to a childhood favorite franchise. To give credit JJ had a lot of damage control to do.

Honorable Mentions:


1. Midway
One of the most visceral, no-hold-barred, greatest war movies of all time. There aren't many films that could top Endgame, but this one did.

2. Avengers: Endgame
A film that ties up an era of a franchise has a lot of big expectations. Endgame delivered in a big way. RIP Tony.

3. The Highwaymen
If all of the Netflix-Produced films this year were as good as Highwaymen, I am missing out. Costner and Harrelson were an excellent combination that I want more of.

4. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
Sure it had its issues, but so does every Star Wars movie. This was one heck of a ride that Hearkened back to the classics.

5. Spider-Man: Far From Home
Far from Home could have been one of those "middle" movies that got lost. Instead, it built upon everything that its predecessor did well in addition to continuing the Avengers story after Endgame.

6. Pokémon Detective Pikachu
Just an all-around fun movie with a great cast. It had everything great about Pokémon without the monotony of the show. 

7. Klaus
I sat down to watch this expecting to see an entertaining if somewhat cookie-cutter Christmas story. I was wrong. Beautiful animation, excellent story, Christmas-themed or otherwise. Another Netflix win.

8. Ad Astra
There's a big jump from my top seven movies to the bottom three. This was quite the ride and not what I was expecting. Wasn't a huge fan of the story but the acting was phenomenal.

9. Captain Marvel
Another solid installment in the Marvel Universe. Fun movie that didn't have any glaring issues.

10. Aladdin
Honestly, Aladdin and Toy Story 4 were a tossup for me. Will Smith did deliver as the genie, though.

Honorable Mentions:


1. Avengers: Endgame
The climactic ending of the Marvel Saga that started with Ironman. When Ironman came out, I would’ve never guessed that the beginning and ending was going to be with Tony Stark. I would consider this the best movie of the decade.

2. The Irishman
The Irishman is an old school masterpiece and the best movie of 2019 that was not released in movie theatres. Going forward, expect media service providers to bring even more movies forward.  

3. Knives Out
An amazing murder mystery that keeps you guessing throughout the entire movie. It’s fun, clever, and highly entertaining.

4. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
A worthy conclusion to the ending of the Skywalker Saga.  

5. Ford v Ferrari
Based on the true story of American car designer/engineer Carroll Shelby, and British-born driver Ken Miles. Matt Damon and Christian Bale were perfect in their roles and after watching this movie, I wanted to learn more of the history of Ford Motor Co., Carroll Shelby, and most of all Ken Miles.

6. Joker
This movie was dark but beautifully composed where it keeps you wanting to see how Arthur Flek becomes the Joker.  

7. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum
The John Wick Series is probably one of the most hardcore movies ever made.  A captivating watch full of action, suspense and thrill.

8. Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood
Quentin Tarantino brings an A+ casting together. Tarantino helps portray an amazing story with flawed characters going through life trying to do what’s best for each other and move on with life.

9. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
A spinoff to the Fast and Furious series which can be a standalone film. This movie is full of action and has some epic cameos that were unexpected.

10. Us
This is the first movie of Jordan Peele that I saw and I did not know what to expect. It’s a unique horror film that didn’t feel like a horror film until after I left. There were twists at the end that I truly did not expect.

Honorable Mentions:
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home
  • Captain Marvel
  • It Chapter Two
  • Frozen 2
  • Dolemite is My Name
  • Always Be My Maybe


1. The Irishman
A cold, and majestic look at mobster life. Haunting and excellent.

2. Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood
A Tarantino style twist on a tragic event that also shows the warts of old-time hollywood. Pitt and Dicaprio absolutely kill it.

3. Joker
Phoenix showed us what a “Joker” would look like in today's world. A realistic spin on an over the top character that hit the bullseye.

4. Ford v Ferrari
‘Murica baby. What more is there to say? Beautiful cars and a great story.

5. Avengers: Endgame
Exciting and rapid story progression that delivered a satisfying, if flawed, conclusion to the Avengers as we know them.

6. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
Obvious weaknesses are overpowered by beautiful visuals and much needed development of Rey’s character. Overall it was quite good.

7. The Art of Racing in the Rain
A truly human story told from the eyes of a faithful dog. Only movie to make me misty eyed this year.

8. The Mustang
No pun intended, but Scheonaerts is my dark horse candidate for Best Actor. If this film had a bit more subtlety, plot-wise, it would be my #1.

9. Lego Movie 2
Sibling relationships are portrayed in a poignant way. Plus Rex Dangervest is the realest lego dude around.

10. Shazam
This film probably doesn't deserve to be on a list like this. But it was earnest, didn't take itself too seriously, and showed how important family can be. I liked it a lot.

Honorable Mentions:
  • Triple Frontier
  • Captain Marvel
  • The Two Popes


Flick Hit's Top 10 Movies of 2019

(Based on an average of the above rankings)

1. Avengers: Endgame
2. Joker
3. Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood
4. Ford v Ferrari
5. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
6. The Irishman
7. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum
8. Knives Out
9. Godzilla: King of the Monsters
10. The Highwaymen

Honorable Mention 

  • Midway

Friday, December 20, 2019

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Review: The end of an era!

The Hit:

This Legendary franchise is no means the end of "Star Wars" because side stories like the Mandalorian will be created. But it is the end of the Skywalker saga, and knowing Disney is a big money producing machine, that could always change in the future. 

Cast: Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Ian McDiarmid, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, Billy Dee Williams, Joonas Suotamo, Anthony Daniels, Naomi Ackie, Keri Russell

Pros: It's gonna be hard not spoiling this movie but I'll do my best. I think we get a proper send-off for the whole series and they tie in all the movies to make it so. I think because Rian Johnson went off the rails and made his own movie in Last Jedi, JJ had to do some damage control and a good portion of the fans including myself saw those changes. I am in the minority that liked how it went. There are some questionable things but what more could he have done? They did a proper goodbye to Carrie Fisher's character and I did speculate how they were going to do that, but it worked out. I love me some Lightsaber action and even though I like a good story being told, I am usually all in for the action that star wars brings, which includes the fights on land and all the way into space as well, that surely didn't skip a beat. Letting this marinate overnight, I am happy with the outcome and each character and story overall had a good ending. I loved seeing how great the Light side of the force can be, which in turn also how more terrifying the Dark side can be as well.

Cons: Although we get a good ending, this could have been split into two movies by how some parts and the overall story felt rushed to finish it in its 2hr 21min runtime. I've seen some other reviews mention there was no concrete road map from the beginning and that I completely agree with. There are some connections or relationships within characters I didn't quite like, but I feel all the negatives don't pass the positives in closing this book. 

I do not know where you stand but do not pass this one by because of what you are seeing or reading. Even though Last Jedi got a Green from me, I look back knowing it should have been a Yellow. But that movie should have still been watched regardless if you are a long time fan or not. They all still connect but did so sloppily. Star Wars is a precious story and it's sad and also comforting to see it end. May the Force be with you on your way to the theatre! 

Key Info: Rated PG-13. Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

The Verdict:


Friday, December 13, 2019

Jumanji: The Next Level Review: New adventure, same story, but new faces made this fun to watch!

The Hit:

After surviving the game in the last installment, who would have thought going back in was a smart idea. 

Cast: Karen Gillan, Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Danny DeVito, Danny Glover, Nick Jonas, Madison Iseman, Awkwafina, Rory McCann, Rhys Darby, Ser'Darius Blain, Alex Wolff, Morgan Turner, Colin Hanks

Pros: We get the crew back together, each with their fun and comedic personalities, as well as new faces because the game is not just centered around the jungle but different areas altogether. Danny Devito and Danny Glover enter the game and somehow Dwayne and Kevin act out how they would be if they were in their bodies so perfectly and also hilariously. Having more characters playing different forms of the avatars from the first was gold. Seeing Jack Black go from the character of Fridge to others without spoiling who, is such a treat and it was a lot of fun watching it unfold. Let's just say they didn't enjoy being someone else from when they first went in. The story was better in a way because we explore a whole new world other than the jungle of Jumanji and with sequels, it tends to follow the same path, so this helped by branching out to new areas and a new adventure.

Cons: Although it covers new places unforeseen, the game mission is like the first movie so in a way it is repetitive but adding all the new faces, comedy, and new adventure behind it was still quite entertaining to watch. 

The last Jumanji we got a little easter egg from when Robin Williams's character was in the game and this time we get another one at the end. I had one of those moments where I was like, "oh I know this person!" It was cool, and hopefully, you catch it. This movie is fun and if you haven't seen the last one you possibly will be a little lost, so I encourage you to watch that first before seeing this. The cast seems to enjoy working with each other on and off the screen and it shows. It was a good time.

Key Info: Rated PG-13. Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy

The Verdict:

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Knives Out Review: Daniel Craig and Cast shine in this Murder Mystery!

The Hit:

Just to get this out of the way, Rian Johnson literally split the Star Wars fandom in half with his directing with The Last Jedi. After watching this mystery, he shines and excels and I soon realize that maybe he should do these types (non-mega blockbuster) of movies without the fear of getting so much hate again. 

Cast: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, Lakeith Stanfield, Christopher Plummer, Katherine Langford, Jaeden Martell, Riki Lindhome, Edi Patterson, Noah Segan

Pros: Murder mystery movies are hard to talk about without spoiling so I'll try my best. I will say this, the ending turned everything around from what I already fit together on its head and it was glorious. Daniel Craig took me off guard with the accent he uses in the film but after a little while I got used to it and from being a badass in his role of James Bond, I quickly got used to him being a great detective as well. I enjoyed putting the pieces together as much as Daniel's character did and following each persons course of events the night of the murder, really made me ponder who dun it and when a movie makes me think and gets my brain going, it's very exciting. This was a solid cast all around, I could talk to you about every single person but that would take too much of this review. Just know that every single cast member, well, minus one or two (only said a couple of lines) made this movie enjoyable to watch. 

Cons: It's a little slow in the beginning but when it gets traction, it picks up the pace and keeps you focused and intrigued. Like I just talked about, one or two characters didn't do too much of anything but stand there and say a few lines, they could have increased those lines or even not have included them in the movie but that's all I can say. 

I love murder mysteries because it involves the viewers and helps eliminate suspects along with the detective. And if you are wrong, it's awesome seeing why and the how. This movie is great and if that's what you are into then don't miss out. Maybe your own family can relate to a few things throughout, hopefully not murder but other topics mentioned. Thanksgiving can bring about drama in the family, so this film is perfect this holiday season. 

Key Info: Rated PG-13. Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama

The Verdict:


Friday, November 22, 2019

Frozen 2 Review: Elsa, Anna and crew make their grand return!

The Hit:

It has been six years since Frozen has come out and although that's a big gap between sequels, it turned out to be something that ended up working out for the better. 

Cast: Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff, Sterling K. Brown, Evan Rachel Wood, Alfred Molina, Martha Plimpton

Pros: After much thought, this follow up, in my opinion, is better than the first. Maybe because I'm a guy the story was just a tad darker, not so much that kids shouldn't go see this but it wasn't so happy and cheery a whole chunk of the movie like its predecessor. It had more moments where it dived into what happened to Elsa and Anna's past and how their parents met their unfortunate demise. Another reason it is my favorite out of the two, is we get to see more action shots involving Elsa and her powers and other creatures as well. The story flowed pretty nicely and was easy to follow. Musical numbers were good, not great, but good. I call that a positive because you won't be hearing a song from this new Disney flick be overplayed like some songs from the original and I call that a win. I don't get emotional a whole lot with Disney movies, but sometimes they do get me to tear up just a little and I got that toward the end, so be warned. Voice actors new and old did a wonderful job as expected. Animation blew me away and one new addition that really caught my eye was the water horse from the trailers, it was beautiful and majestic. 

Cons: The ending was predictable, but what can you expect from a Disney movie. Also, be warned, children will be noisy throughout the theatre and if that bothers you, then you might need to wait till it's available to purchase to watch at home. 

This is definitely one you take your family out to enjoy. Me saying that it's a tad darker is not something that should scare you from going. Kids won't understand what is being said but we adults will. It sorta targets both children and adult audiences alike and that makes it more enjoyable for everyone.

Key Info: Rated PG. Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

The Verdict: